State Superintendent Brian Whiston says a recently finished education financing research study commissioned by the Legislature highlights the needhave to close school financing spaces and invest in programs for low-income children and English language students. The research study offers some significant worth, in that it highlights actually crucial needs that policy makers in Michigan should Read More →

We likewise talked about a couple of beginning scenarios that may enable us to examine alternate configurations that will fulfill the needs of our children and our neighborhood. Since that initial working session, we have developed four committees that are now dealing with options: education, financing, centers and communications.Finally, let us tell you where we Read More →

By Camille Taylor Recently’s news was filled with more project name calling which included words like racist, bigot, bias, and discrimination. Considering that the majority of peoplemany people avoid discussing race, I desiredwished to clarify their definitions, so that when othersare identified, the average listener can identify if the word is being effectively utilized or Read More →

“(The state) speaks about providing us more cash and they simply did provide us a boost,” she said. “However whenever they do that, they provide more to the downstate districts too. We still stay way behind.” Enduring inequities in state education financing have developed a host of predicaments in school districts throughout the area. Almost Read More →

That’s not to say nobody is discussing the problem.School authorities in districts statewide who cope with the minimum$7,511 per-student payments have for years lobbied Lansing about the inequity.Meanwhile a state-funded education financing research study mentioned that the poorest districts are underpaid by more than$1,000 per student. And Snyder’s 21st Century Education Commission is expected to Read More →

by James A. Bacon The University of Virginias controversial $2.2 billion Strategic Financial investment Fund is such a terrific idea that UVa officials are suggesting it as a design for other state universities. By embracing UVas approach and consolidating university reserve funds statewide, an amount that could approach $9 billion, the Commonwealth could establish an Read More →

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