1. Reaching retirement earlier Investing less cash than you earn and investing the difference is the cornerstone for developing retirement strategies. If you can achieve this early in life, you’ll substantially enhance the probabilities of reaching financial independence at a younger age. A new study from MoneyRates.com finds that individuals who begin saving for retirement Read More →

SUPPORT FROM CONSERVATIVES AND PROGRESSIVES Who supports this scholarship option? Once again, the response is both/and. Both popular DFLers like Gov. Mark Dayton, who pioneered scholarships from 2011-15, and Senate Finance Committee Chair Prick Cohen (Senate author of this years scholarship bill), and popular Republicans such as Education Finance Chair Rep. Jen Crazy and Rep. Read More →

STACY FRANCIS: As an expert 20-something, everybody desires a piece of your paycheck, however are you possibly missing out on a big opportunity? It might be difficult for 20-something professionals to consider saving for retirement while they’re just embarking on their careers. Nevertheless, there are numerousmany reasons why contributing to your company’s retirement plan is Read More →

American females conserve far less for retirement than their male peers, and they invest too conservatively to close the gap, according to a new study asset management firm BlackRock will certainly launch March 5. CNBC was given special early access to the study results. The firms Global Investor Pulse Study of 27,000 investors worldwide, including Read More →

When Gov. John Kasich revealed the production of a nine-person commission to examine the operations of greatercollege in Ohio, my reaction could be summarized by Yogi Berra’s popular quote “its d j vu all over once again.” This is the fourth such commission that has actually been charged considering that the early ’90s, including one Read More →

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